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For my first review in July is the film 'Killing Them Softly'. What seems to be an intense, interesting, thrilling 'killer' may have come short with expectations running high on this one.

'Killing Them Softly' is directed by Andrew Dominik and it stars Brad Pitt, Ben Mendelsohn, Scoot McNairey, James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins and Ray Liotta.
This movie is about 2 years old now and since hearing about it and watching the preview at the time I
had completely forgotten about it. Then it was a movie which seemed quite interesting. The trailer looked awesome and it brought home a unique style that perhaps would've added an extra element that we don't see these days in mob movies. The title alone was also very catchy and an intriguing aspect.
'Killing Them Softly' is about these 3 men who work together and rob a mob card game. As it damaged the criminal economy Jackie(Brad Pitt) an assassin is hired to find these guys and restore balance to the underworld.

This movie is a bit complex. For starters it's a little confusing to follow certain plot points as we are introduced to many characters. The characters are however are well acted by the cast, they were all able to bring and present their own distinctive characteristics and make it more believable to specific scenarios. With it, you are able to evidently see what kind of people they are and easily pick out the likeable and unlikeable characters. 

Most of the movie is dialogue driven. Honestly I was expecting a fun and an intriguing mob film perhaps one with some excellent twists and surprises. I was quite disappointed and misled by the trailer we are provided online. Sure it has some scenes that were great and looked incredible, plus there were a couple more that were intense and had my eyes glued to the screen(such as the intro and the robbery). Overall these few scenes were simply not enough to classify it as enjoyable but instead a rather lengthy and dragging movie. Lucky that the running time was about 90 minutes because I just wanted something to happen.

What came up once in a while were the occasional, political recordings of presidential campaigns and speeches which I didn't quite understand to the full extend. Maybe it's me, personally I don't follow a lot of politics nor do I take an interest in it, let alone I'm from Australia and the American campaigns just confused me a little more. There is definitely a hidden message to it all that requires more analysis to uncover the meaning behind the political world and the mob world. If someone could help me out here that would be great. With some background in this I would be able to view this movie from a different perspective and be willing to appreciate this movie a bit more.
In the end 'Killing Them Softly' had some neat, awesome elements to show for but compare that to the amount of time spent we watch two people sitting down and conversing, I did expect something more exciting.

My rating for 'Killing Them Softly' is a 5.5 out of 10.

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