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Another marvel superhero released to the screens this year was Spiderman. Who's ready to see Andrew Garfield sling through the city and kick ass. I know I was.
At the time of seeing this, I hadn't seen the first installment of 'The Amazing Spiderman'. I believed that I wasn't
missing out on anything major as I've heard it was very similar to the previous trilogy starring Tobey Macquire as Peter Parker. So that led me to ignore the first one and watch this one as a stand alone film.

Usually I don't do this. I always want to watch things in the order as it's intended but in this case there wasn't enough interest for me to go catch up.
Anyways back on track, The Amazing Spiderman 2, ok.

Another Marvel movie and I was ready to see superheroes save the day once again.
Spiderman/Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) continues through life as an ordinary citizen by day whilst saving the town from criminals and the baddies. Meanwhile we have Max Dillon (Jamie Fox) a massive Spidey fan and who has a hard time connecting with people lands himself in an workplace incident that ultimately turns him into Electro. Electro and his manipulation of electricity terrorises the town that leaves Spiderman saving it.

So first thoughts were that it looks great. The awesome shots of Spiderman swinging through the city and the beautiful and I mean excellent use of lights and colours from the cinematographer especially in the casual romantic settings between Peter and Gwen were stunning. This nearly literally took me to another place in my head.
Even the fight scenes were incredible. This movie was visually entertaining like eye candy that had my heart racing.

Parker's character and humour is creative and using his intelligence to solve things provides us with an alternative side story, I loved it. Electro I believed was the strongest out of everyone. He had depth and a reason for doing things. Plus he was a badass I mean menacing enough and not too scary, that was awesome.
From the moment we are introduced to him as Max Dillon I was intrigued in his character. Electro may have been the strongest part of the movie, everything else was just so..........tacky.

The relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey at times felt really over the top like a soap opera. It was too much Hollywood and not enough realism in their day to day lives. Be in a relationship or not. That's the kind of advice I would give if I knew them in real life. Perhaps the writers thought that their relationship would help drive the story forward. In this case I understand what they were trying to achieve but it seemed too fake and the lead up to the twist barely had an effect on me.
As for Harry Osborn (Dane Dehaan) it's so obvious that the Green Goblin was forced into it to create a great looking movie poster but not a great movie.

It's a bit of a shame and a letdown because it shows that I was led into a movie seat after the countless marketing tactics on Youtube, billboards and the sides of buses. For what? An average superhero movie that really isn't that awesome.
'The Amazing Spiderman 2' is definitely a stunner in regards to it's look and style but it has got to be so far the weakest link in the Marvel movies that have recently been released.

My rating for 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' is 5.5/10

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