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It may seem generic and underwhelming on the outside but this movie packs a heap more than we originally believe.

'Good Will Hunting' is directed by Gus Van Sant and stars Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck,  Stellan Skarsgard, Minnie Driver and Casey Affleck.
'Good Will Hunting' is about a young, genius boy named Will(Matt Damon) from South Boston. He works as a janitor and he has a photographic memory. His gift allows him to excel in the field of mathematics but chooses to live a life drinking with his friends and not fulfilling his life's potential.
With his life slowly crashing and burning he gets help from a university professor and a psychiatrist to rebuild his life and solve the problems from his past and focus on his future.

This is a warm hearted movie, it may not seem like it initially as we're introduced to an intimidating Will Hunting but the movie sets it up and executes his motives quite effectively. 
The group of friends he hangs out with is a lot of fun. Their constant jokes and mocking of each other cracks me up and makes me wish I have friends as awesome as they are. We are welcomed to their group and it is established who is the smart one, the dumb one, the best mate, you get it and it just wants me be involved so much.
Seeing Robin Williams here is interesting. Just like in my recent review of 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' and seeing Jim Carrey play in a drama proved to be achieved in a believable and compelling way. The same goes for Williams. Both actors were famous for their outrageous comedic personalities and performances and now having them appear in dramas shakes my head in amazement. 
Back to William's character, he was solid, charismatic and likeable. He reminds me of the cuddly uncle I never had. The one who would give advice about life and share stories to his grandchildren, William's portrayed him very well.
What sets the bar quite high here is the script and connection we have between all the characters. The dialogue is written so well with some perfect one liners, jokes and memorable quotes. Conversations aren't at all convenient and by that I mean written in a corny way or sappy fashion. Break up, conflict and social scenes are so natural and doesn't make it feel fake at any point.

'Good Will Hunting' is a spectacular movie. It definitely fed me inspiration in a way a regular personal development speaker would not be able to. No surprise it won some Oscars. 
Chances are after you see this it'll be part of your long term movie collection.

My rating for 'Good Will Hunting' is a 9.5/10

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