Sunday, June 15, 2014

'FROZEN' Movie Review

Welcome to my movie review of the Disney movie Frozen.

After the success of 'Tangled', Disney brings back what made it great and presents us with a compelling story of love and family.

Frozen is based on the fairy tale titled 'The Snow Queen' however it takes an alternative spin to it just
like 'Tangled' did to the tale of Rapunzel.
Frozen's premise is about 2 sisters. Elsa was born with magical powers to freeze things and manipulate things with snow. Anna, her younger sibling goes on an quest to find Elsa after an incident occurs that causes her to flee.

Before watching this I heard many things about it so I was looking forward to it. The animation is superb and the visual setting and style looks incredible unlike anything we've seen in recent years of animation. The Disney studios brings us stunning uses in it's creative tools which makes scenes extra magical.
It's like we are visiting the glory days of Disney with these visuals and musical numbers. Speaking of musical numbers there are a few of them and they are really good and catchy. None of them are pointless and all present a meaning to the current moment of the plot.

What I found to be a little frustrating was the level of originality. Sure I understand the movie is based off a fairy tale, just like a bunch of other movies are out there, but the first half of this film has me picking out things from 'Tangled'. I couldn't help but notice the princess being locked away until they're like around the 18 year old mark. Also the prince's horse which looks like none other than Maximus. I wish that Disney would've spent more time on ideas so it wouldn't be so easy to pick up. Perhaps it's their way of starting the viewers hunt of hidden movie easter eggs in their future films.

Apart from that Frozen is an enjoyable film and it does have it's twists, comedic and magical moments. If you love Disney you'll definitely smile and have goosebumps at this family, friendly film.

My rating for Frozen is 7/10

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