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Onto the award winning drama about the founders of Facebook. Who would've thought that a film about the most popular social networking sites currently out there could produce an excellent, solid and profound movie.

'The Social Network' is directed by David Fincher and it stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer, Josh Pence, Justin Timberlake, Rooney Mara, Rashida Jones and Max Minghella.
'The Social Network' tells the story (to not exact accuracy) of 2 friends Mark Zuckerberg(Jesse 

Eisenberg) and Eduardo Saverin(Andrew Garfield) and how their incredibly, successful website Facebook (I'm sure you have heard of this) led their relationship to come to a slow end. Meanwhile twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winlkevoss(Armie Hammer and Josh Pence) are suing Mark for intellectual property theft after stealing their idea.
The synopsis of the film may not sound like much but watching the film could completely change your mind, if you aren't fully convinced that this an excellent movie. It is able to hit so many positive points and raises the bar to a great drama about a topic that almost everyone in the world is familiar with.

As the movie opens we are introduced to Mark(Jesse Eisenberg) and his girlfriend Erica(Rooney Mara) and immediately we have a wave of intense, hard hitting dialogue coming straight at you. Don't get me wrong the dialogue here and throughout the entire movie is superb. So much so that the screenplay actually won an Academy Award, that's definitely saying something. It's smart, witty, strong, funny and keeps you interested from start to finish. First time seeing it I must admit it was a little fast. I was focusing really hard in order to keep up with the characters in case I don't miss anything important. When the script is written well enough to continuously drive the story and keep the audiences interested then that deserves more recognition and allows us an audience to appreciate that script writing is a type of art form too. In my recent review of 'Killing Them Softly' (although it did contain a solid script that supported the story in it's own way) it was not engaging enough to be hungry for more. There's a difference in good writing and being interesting.

Here's something I did not expect and have not yet spoken about in any of my reviews. The soundtrack. (This may be harder than I thought to talk about). The musical score was and still is incredible where it ranges to many kind of tones and emotions depending on the situation. It's unlike anything you've heard of recently and believe me when I say that it enhances the scene so much more. This simply works perfectly when you hear some awesome music in the background with the intriguing script just makes you want to pay extra close attention like you're listening to a secret.

Even thought this movie is about the creation of Facebook at no point does it feel that it's funded by a marketing team. By this I mean that whenever there is a mention of the site it isn't shown to be a big deal nor does it seem like advertising. The movie is mainly focused around the drama that surrounds the friends/rivals and classmates and that's all it'll be. It's one thing to be an excellent movie than a marketing ploy and I'm so glad that this film doesn't attempt to do anything like that, the plot itself lands this film in that dangerous spot but it's ok. Here's how it hardly makes an affect on me, I must've seen this movie a dozen times in the past few months and I last logged into my account about a year ago. I think it might be deactivated or something. I don't even use it as my main social network as you can tell visiting my site. You get the picture, there's no influence.
In summary, 'The Social Network' packs a lot intense dialogue to the point it makes me smile. Musical scores were fantastic and the focus on the characters, the drama and treating this as a movie to tell a story is what makes this a brilliant film. I can watch over and over again.

My rating for 'The Social Network' is a 9.5/10

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